Monday, March 8, 2010

The Best Guest List / RSVP Spreadsheet

So here it is Bridal Binder users...THE spreadsheet for Wedding Guest List and RSVP tracking!
There are so many out there now on the web, but this one is the best.  Here is the link.  I am also including some directions for you for ease of use:

1. There are a few examples at the top, to get you started.
2. On row 125-ish, there are totals.  Spreadsheet is set with all the formulas for you.
3. Column Descriptions:  (add or delete to columns to personalize)
A:  Invite #: Some use this and write this small number on the back of the RSVP card in case the card is returned to you and the guest forgot to write their names (happens ALL the time!).
B: How many guests you are inviting
C: Full names for outer envelope
D:  First names for inner envelope (if you are NOT inviting children, then a couples name appears here only)
E-I:  Address for mailing
J-M: There is so much guessing when it comes to choosing your venues, blocking rooms for guest lodging.  These next four columns provide assistance for more educated guesses!
N: How many actually RSVP'd.
O: When that guest is arriving
P:  Where they are staying.  (Sometimes it's nice to know where guests are staying for welcome bag deliveries. It is acceptable to ask for this information on an RSVP card, especially with a destination wedding.
Q-V:  What events and how many are attending each.
W:  Wedding Gift received
X:  Thank you note sent?
Y-AC:  Table number for wedding seating and dietary restrictions.

Friday, February 26, 2010

True Color Inspiration

Here are three AMAZING blogs for color inspiration.  Use a few calmer tones and accent with punches of color.  These blogs provide great examples.  Most of these accent (punch) colors can be found in nature either via fruit, flowers and plants.  Also think about decor.  Ribbons and pillows are cost effective ways to add color to your wedding.  After checking out the first two blogs, move onto the PANTONE site.  This is just amazing.  As a wedding planner, I have been looking for this for YEARS! 
The first, Color Collective, was created by Lauren Willhite.  She pulls the work of various designers that inspire her...
On this next site, Hunch, these palettes are used for all sorts of designers, but if you tend to gravitate toward neutral colors, this site will show you how to add the color accent (and what it should be!):
Ah, thank you thank you to the Dessy Group and Pantone for this amazing colorboard.  Literally, you can create inspirations boards that mix colors, flowers, bridesmaids dresses, acccessories.  This is a truly amazing resource!!!!!!!!!  Yea!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

before you do anything....plug in the sunset to your timeline!

Many times you plan your pictures and ceremony around a certain time of day, only to realize right before the wedding date that it will be dark!  Don't get caught!  Log on to this website to determine the exact time of your sunset on your wedding date!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The best places on the web to find Flowers!!!!!!!

The most comprehensive listing of flowers I have found is on:

To find flowers that pair with your wedding date, region and color scheme visit:

My Favorite Website!!!!

Ladies, if you are looking for constant visual aide for your wedding inspiration, look no further then
This site has everything from THE top vendors in your area, to color palettes, real weddings and other great ideas.  Check it out.  It will for sure become an everyday stop in your wedding planning!